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Everything in one wallet
Payments, rewards, vouchers, game or app credits, loyalty points all in one place. Earn, spend, exchange or send to friends.

Developer? Integrate your app/website with Tokentrade wallet - GitHub

How does it work?

Transactions are instant and fees are reasonable. Users can trade tokens on the integrated exchange, send them to friends or purchase from the merchant.

Since all tokens are also ERC-20 compatible, users can withdraw them to a compatible wallet (i.e. Metamask).

Tokentrade is a wallet app for storing in-app currencies which allows apps to directly manage user assets via the API. The app can debit/credit or inquire its own balance via the API. Requests are silent and the user doesn't need to approve every time. Great for micropayments.

Puzzli uses Tokentrade wallet to store player's bulbs

Puzzli is a puzzle game with 10 million users where user solves puzzles to advance to the next level. Puzzli bulbs are the help packs. Player earns them when they finish a level. They are stored directly in the user’s Tokentrade wallet. Player can exchange them for other digital assets or send to friends. Or even withdraw to their ERC20 compatible wallet. Whatever they do, the balance instantly reflects in their Puzzli game.
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